Appalachian Cuisine and Culture: A Benefit for the Center for Rural Culture

Saturday, September 9th, 2017. Featuring Dr. Katie Hoffman of Appalworks

Saturday, September 9th, 2017. Featuring Dr. Katie Hoffman of Appalworks.


Morning session from 9:30 am to noon: “Appalachian Foodways: Fermenting on the Frontier.” Lunch from 12:30 to 1:30 PM. Afternoon session from 2 to 4 PM: “Birds and Ballads: Sharing the Appalachian Ballad Tradition.”  


Location: Huguenot Springs, 2815 Huguenot Springs Road, Midlothian, VA 23113 804-379-8253

(a sister property of Manakintowne Specialty Growers)


$45 per session, or $65 for the both.  Lunch is available for an additional $15.00 per person, but must be ordered ahead of time.


Tickets and lunch reservations are available from the Center for Rural Culture




Dr. Katie Hoffman, Appalworks,



Catherine Fleischman, Center for Rural Culture,



Powhatan, VA:  The Center for Rural Culture presents a day of immersion in Appalachian foodways and music. All profits go to support the mission of this non-profit organization, which is dedicated to preserving rural culture in the Central Virginia Piedmont. “Appalachian cooking depends a lot on seasonal and local food,” says Catherine Fleischman, President of the Board of the Center for Rural Culture. “We thought these two sessions would work really well for people who are wondering how to deal with all of the great vegetables coming in this time of year. And our presenter is a traditional musician as well as a traditional cook, so why not have both? Katie will share some of the most interesting aspects of rural mountain culture—a nice complement to our own mission.”


Dr. Katie Hoffman—a singer/songwriter, traditional musician, and Appalachian Studies scholar—will lead both interactive sessions: “Appalachian Foodways: Fermenting on the Frontier” in the morning, and “Birds and Ballads: Connecting Medieval British Isles Culture and the Appalachian Ballad Tradition.”


“My style is noisy and collaborative,” says Hoffman, “with lots of room for questions and discussion. I guess that’s how I exercise my teaching muscles now that I don’t work in an actual classroom any more. I’ve spent years steeping myself in Appalachian culture, including the food and music. I can’t think of anything more rewarding and enjoyable than passing it on to others who might be interested. I hope folks will want to come share the food, the music, and the fun!”


The morning session will include a fermenting demonstration, with commentary on how this mode of food preservation fits into Appalachian foodways, past and present. Hoffman will demonstrate how to make basic sauerkraut, then will lead a hands-on workshop for participants. Everyone will go home with a batch of their own. Along with step-by-step instruction, Hoffman will provide handouts and recipes. An optional tasting of several different types of traditional Appalachian fermented foods will precede lunch. There is no charge for the tasting.


Lunch is $15.00, available by reservation only. Becky Lillywhite, former proprietor of Becky’s Tea Café at the Virginia Pantry in Powhatan, has designed a special menu inspired by Victuals: An Appalachian Journey, with Recipes. The book, written by Appalachian author Ronni Lundy, took top honors from the James Beard Foundation for 2017.


The afternoon session will take place in the same location, but will focus on the music of Appalachia. Hoffman will sing traditional Appalachian ballads and songs, pointing out the important roles they played in mountain culture. “These ballads are both beautiful and fascinating,” she notes. “They’re heirlooms, having traveled over from the British Isles in the hearts and on the tongues of people who came here looking for a better life. We’ll talk about why these songs have stayed alive and the influence they’ve had on other genres of music, like old-time, bluegrass, and country. This is one of my favorite programs, because I love to sing, and the conversations tend to be really lively.” Light refreshments and a meet-and-greet will follow the music.


Manakintowne Specialty Growers grows and supplies salad greens, micro greens, fresh cut herbs, edible flowers and specialty vegetables for the best chefs and farmers' markets in Central Virginia. Their aim is to be good stewards of the land and to provide people with delicious, healthy and beautiful food, as well as a connection to the land and community.


The Center for Rural Culture seeks to support local economies and agriculture, to protect rural landscapes and traditions, and to conserve natural and historic resources.


Appalworks provides custom-designed Appalachian programming in a variety of contexts. Our hallmarks are innovation, education, and artistry.


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Dr. Katie Hoffman of Appalworks to lead a fermentation workshop as part of the Center for Rural Culture's Appalachian Cuisine and Culture September 9th event in Powhatan Virginia.

Dr. Katie Hoffman and Brett Tiller to perform traditional Appalachian music as part of the Center for Rural Culture's Appalachian Cuisine and Culture September 9th event in Powhatan Virginia.

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