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You Reap What You Sow: Susan Gleeson, Nutrition, and The Sown Life

In a season when we're all thinking about health and wellness, Susan Gleeson is a great resource for learning how to stay healthy without giving up the pleasures of great food!

I’m Susan Gleeson, a Nutritional Counselor and Master Herbalist in Richmond, Virginia. My practice, The Sown Life Wellness, is located in Bon Air and my main focus is nutritional counseling and hormone balance.

One principle that drives my practice is that the quality of food we eat is primary to long lasting health and vitality. Many who come to see me struggle with symptoms of hormone imbalance, autoimmune disorders, digestive issues and disordered eating. A large part of our work together is learning how to bring some healing to clients' bodies with high quality, healthy, local food! Most don’t realize that this is even possible, and I live for those light bulb moments when a client will look at me and say: “Wow, I feel so much better!” The change is especially stark for the people who switch to eating the majority of their food from local and natural/organic farms. The difference in their health is profound. Not only are they finally consuming nutrient dense foods, but they are also purchasing the highest quality they can.

That's where my passion for Fall Line Farms comes into play. I love that I can recommend an online farmer’s market that not only provides amazingly fresh and local food but also delivers it all to one location for pick up. I firmly believe in the value of supporting local farmers and growers. What they do and what they give to us in this age of factory farmed meat and over sprayed crops is a precious and valuable gift. I have been so encouraged in the past decade as I have seen many small, sustainable farmers get more and more visibility and increased business in Virginia. In my little corner of the world, Sown Life Wellness, people are waking up to their need for quality food. They are finding out what it feels to be well and whole, and in so many ways we have local farmers to thank for that.

FLF&LR is grateful for the advocacy of members like Susan Gleeson! To learn more about her practice, The Sown Life Wellness, and to see her beautiful photos and recipes, follow her on Instagram and Facebook (@thesownlife). You can also visit her website at ​​. Next week, we'll feature one of her delicious and healthy recipes. Stay tuned!


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