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Our Mission

The Center for Rural Culture is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to preserving rural culture in the Central Virginia Piedmont. The Center for Rural Culture seeks to support local economies and agriculture, to protect rural landscapes and traditions, and conserve natural and historic resources.

Sharing knowledge is the key to preserving the rural fabric of our communities. The CRC sponsors local markets and presents programs, seminars, speakers, workshops and events that highlight the value and traditions of rural Virginia.

Our Mission

Supporting local economies and agriculture, protecting rural landscapes and traditions, and conserving natural and historic resources.

Board of Directors

Becky Lillywhite, President

Addison "D" Mitchell, Vice President

Kate Lyda, Secretary

Karen Gentry,Treasurer

Briana Colbert

Don Smith

Sally Taylor

Haze Thomas

Betsy Trice


Directors Emeritus

Catherine Fleischman

Nan Thurston
Ed Lawton (in memoriam)
Rossie Fisher
Sandy Fisher (in memoriam
Steffi Gordinier
Sue Reichel

Our Board

Our Staff

Peter Grieco

Market Manager

Fall Line Farms & Local Roots

Our Staff

Help us keep it rural

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