About Farms in Central Virginia

Farm Tour Videos

Peacemeal Farm (Louisa County)
Sells meat and produce on Fall Line Farms & Local Roots
peacemeal pollinator patch tour.jpg
Red Root & Co
Sells on Fall Line Farms & Local Roots
Grow mushrooms! Join Red Root & Co for a simple walk through of inoculating oak logs with pearl oyster mushroom spores
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growing mushrooms.jpg
The Freckled Farm (Goochland County)
Sells soap products on Fall Line Farms & Local Roots

Soil Conservation & Place Videos

Learn more about farms in our area. Virginia Cooperative Extension's Soil, Conservation, and Place Video Series is an educational project that aims to deepen community understanding of the importance of agriculture, farmers' values, and their sense of place, community, and culture.

Broadfork Farm (Chesterfield County)
A producer on our market, Fall Line Farms and Local Roots
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange (Louisa County)
Excellent source for seeds!
Ira Wallace
Keenbell Farm (Hanover County)
CJ Isbell
Sold via Fall Line Farms & Local Roots for many years
Vanguard Ranch, Ltd.  (Louisa County)
 Renard Turner
Farming as Liberation and Personal Freedom
Vanguard Ranch, Ltd.  (Louisa County)
 Renard Turner
Raising free ranged meat goats
Amy's Garden  (Charles City County)
 Amy Hicks
Previously sold via our online market