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Fall Line Farms & Local Roots

In 2018 our online farmers market served 39 local producers and facilitated over $300,000 in sales. When we say local we mean it: 29.6 miles is the average distance travelled from the farms to our meet up site. (Most grocery store food travels 1,200 miles!)

Some other notable facts about the producers:

  • 1,581 acres are preserved in farmland

  • 148 people are employed by these businesses

  • 16 businesses (41%) are woman-owned

  • 10 are young or beginning farmers

  • 357 years of farming experience is represented

Homestead Series

In 2018, our homestead series reached over 111 individuals. We hosted programs on fruit orchard design, soil fertility, woodlot management, raising goats, wreath-making, and season extension. We partnered with the Virginia Department of Forestry, local farmers, and local non-profits including Shalom Farms to offer participants excellent, expert information to take home and apply to their needs. 

Pounds of Plenty

With the touch of a button, you can donate food from FLF&LR to neighbors in need. Pounds of Plenty is our way of collaborating with producers to make great food available to a food bank near you.

How it Works: Producers choose what they can discount for donation during any particular week. You choose and order those items from a producer. We deliver what you ordered to the food bank closest to your pick-up location. Your donation goes directly from the producer to folks in your neighborhood who are in need!

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