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Preserving Rural Culture in Central Virginia 

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Hiring Local Food Operations Assistant

for Fall Line Farms & Local Roots

Hand to Hand Farm Project

The Center for Rural Culture is matching donations up to $500 to give the Hand to Hand Farm Project at Byrd Elementary in Goochland, VA a chance to grow and spread to reach more students in the county. Learn more about this program.

To donate toward this match, please make your donation via PayPal (credit and debit accepted) or via check. Add “Hand-to-Hand Program” in the payment notes or on your check memo line.

Cultivating Local Roots

Stories, recipes and more from rural Central Virginia.

Our Online Farmers Market

Fall Line Farms & Local Roots

  • Food travels an average of 29.6 miles 
    (Most grocery store food travels 1,200 miles!)

  • 1,581 acres of land are preserved in farmland

  • 148 people are employed locally by the producers

  • 10 producers are young or beginning farmers

  • 357 years of farming experience is represented

Upcoming Events & Classes

Our Homestead Series

The Homestead series is a continuing series of classes designed to inform and assist those interested in learning about greater self-sufficiency, sustainability and preservation strategies for life on the land. 


Fall Line Farms


Local Roots

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