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Join Us for our Farm to Table Dinner 2023

The Center for Rural Culture's Farm-to-Table Dinner will delight you and your guests!

Savor delicious small plates made with fresh and local ingredients by our Producers:

  • Bison from Virginia Bison at Cibola Farms, Faquier County

  • Fresh Turkey from Spring Creek Meadows, Cumberland County

  • Trout from Smoke in Chimneys, Craig County


Corn, Squash and Beans

Turkey, Bison and Trout

This unique Indigenous menu is prepared by Chef/Owner Eric Cioffi.

Meet several local producers who will be there to talk about their products.

Enjoy fabulous craft cider. Drink in the delightful bucolic setting. Sit down with friends new and old to a delicious dinner made with locally sourced ingredients.

We promise you an evening to remember!

Join us for a shared moment around the table where you can make a direct impact on so many others.

When: Sunday, November 5, 2023 at 3pm

Sponsorship: $150 per person


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