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Hellen Simmons: Dedicated FarmHer’s Work Leads to Recognition for Burkeville-Waverly Farms

By Katie Hoffman, Director of Marketing and Promotion, Fall Line Farms and Local Roots and The Center for Rural Culture

A couple of weeks ago, something wonderful and well-deserved happened. Waverly Farms was recognized by the Crewe-Burkeville Chamber of Commerce with the 2019 Business of the Year Award. I saw this on their social media feed, and immediately contacted Patti Rosenberg, who owns the farm with her husband, Stuart. I wanted to congratulate them, and I wanted to find out more about how this award came to them.

As many of our Fall Line Farms and Local Roots members already know, Waverly Farms has been recognized as an Animal Welfare Approved farm, which is no small feat. (Learn more about this certification). A visit to this farm proves that it’s immaculate, and the animals are well-kept and absolutely beautiful. 

Patti was glad to hear from me, but she was also quick to point out that much of the credit goes to Hellen Simmons, their farm manager, who has been with them for years. She sent me the following message, emphasizing Hellen’s importance in the impressive accomplishments at Waverly Farms:

Hellen started as a partner in our home, then took full responsibility for the Packing Shed and BnB, too. When a garden manager left to return to school, Hellen asked if she could run the vegetable garden, too.  
We built under our new Farm Manager and marveled in her achievements. Everyone at the farm absolutely loves working for this kind, determined, uncompromising woman. Hellen is a quiet, loving spirit who has never met a challenge she could not master. Her achievements come from setting a high bar for quality and productivity. She is curious and constantly learning.
A long term cancer patient, Hellen insists the garden has extended her life and given it meaning. She loves planting, weeding, harvesting, packing and shipping her products to market. She is thrilled when members of our farm family do well personally and professionally. Growing healthy, clean food and creating jobs for hard working locals drives Hellen every day.

Congratulations from all of us in the Fall Line Farms and Local Roots Community to the Rosenbergs and Hellen.

Would you like to see this lovely, peaceful place for yourself? Book a farm visit—or even an overnight stay:


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