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Listen to "Reconnecting with the Plant World": Red Root & Co. on the Virginia Foodie Podcast

We're very proud of Corey MacDonald, the herbalist and teacher who founded Red Root & Co. She has turned her lifelong passion in to a business that helps others live well. Last year, Corey was featured on Virginia Public Media (VPM)'s Virginia Currents program, talking about the concepts behind her very green, very healthful business. Just this past week, she was also featured on Virginia Foodie's podcast, in an episode called, "Reconnecting with the Plant World." It's a wonderful program, and w just knew that some of our members would want to give it a listen. Here's the link:

Don't forget to look for Red Root & Co. when they join our buying pages once a month to sell a range of healthful and delicious products: oxymels, shrubs, bitters, and tonics. They are on our schedule for sales during the last weekend of every month, for Thursday delivery on the first Thursday of the month. See you on the pages!

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