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Recipe: Crispy Seasoned Chicken Leg Quarters

Everyone loves having a go-to recipe for something seriously delicious but not too fussy. This one-dish recipe, adapted from, is excellent because it offers a basic method for cooking up a delectable batch of yummy chicken leg quarters. You can use the spices that we suggest here, or come up with your own blends. Change them up to suit your mood!

We’re featuring pasture-raised poultry from Peacemeal Farm for this ordering period (June 11-14. 2021). They are restocking, and there are plenty of leg quarters on their page! Click here to go to their page.

We imagine this meal with accompaniments of a fresh, crisp salad or some steamed vegetables, and some freshly baked bread. And don’t forget dessert! We’ve included shopping suggestions at the end of the recipe, and you can find almost everything you need on Fall Line Farms and Local Roots!

You’ll need:

· 4 skin-on Peacemeal Farm chicken leg quarters, bone-in

· Soy sauce: about ½ a cup

· garlic powder

· seasoning salt

· dill weed

· OR come up with your own spice blend and use it! You'll want about a teaspoon of each spice to start. You can also use one of the fresh herb blends from Manakintowne Specialty Growers or Liberty Tree Farm and tuck them up under the skin in place of what we’ve suggested here. Fresh green garlic and garlic scapes are wonderous things on chicken! Bibb Forest Farm has scapes this week.

Here's How to Make It All Happen:

Preheat your oven to 375 degrees. Place a rack in the middle position.

Line a 9 X 13 baking dish with foil. ( suggests also using a rack if you like your chicken to be as crispy as possible.)

DON’T REMOVE THE SKIN from the chicken! You need it for the flavor and texture you’re going for. But you need to get the soy sauce and spices up under it, so detach it enough so that you can expose the surface of the meat, but leave it attached in strategic spots. (You'll lay it back down over the meat after rubbingin the spices and cooking.)

Brush the meat with the soy sauce, then sprinkle with about ½ of the seasoning mix you have chosen. Rub it lightly into the surface of the chicken leg quarter, then pull the skin back over the meat.

Put the chicken pieces in the pan or on the rack skin side up, leaving a few inches between them. Sprinkle the skin with about the same amount of the spice mix that you used underneath.

Bake uncovered for about an hour, then raise the oven temperature to 400 and bake for about another 15 minutes. (Larger quarters may take just a little longer. You know they’re done when you insert a meat thermometer in the thickest section of the meat. Remember not to touch the bone! At 165 degrees F, it's done.

Let the chicken rest for 5 minutes or so, then tuck in!


Peacemeal Farm has chicken leg quarters. If they're sold out, check Salt & Pepper Farm.

You can find salad fixings and veggies by clicking here.

Broadfork Farm and Great Harvest Bread Company have freshly baked bread, and Craft Bakehouse usually has some kind of wonderful savory biscuit.

Dont forget DESSERT!

· Truly Scrumptious/Leek & Thistle

· Craft Bakehouse

· Great Harvest Bread Company

· Salsas Don Sebastian

· Favour Cookie Company

· My Empanada

· Curds & Whey RVA

· Misty Morning Sunrise Farm


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