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Agriberry’s Raspberry Overnight Oats

Another great recipe from Sara at Agriberry!

Agriberry grows their raspberries locally and they pick them at the peak of freshness and flavor. You’ll see them, just-picked, on our pages when they’re in season. Lucky for us, some of them are frozen right out of the field so that we can have delicious local berries in the winter. Extra-added plus: they’re good for you!

This is a great recipe for folks who like to take their breakfast with them to eat later. (It’s great for lunch, too!)


Layer these ingredients in a wide-mouth Mason Jar:

· 1/2 cup old fashioned oats

· 1 tbs black chia seeds

· 3/4 mashed ripe banana

· 1/2 cup frozen raspberries

· 1/4 cup vanilla yogurt

· 1/2 cup unsweetened coconut milk

Mix the ingredients together, put a lid on the jar, and leave it in the fridge overnight or for several hours.



Of course, you’ll want to order your raspberries from Agriberry. And yes, we have no bananas. (They aren’t local!) But we do have Good Health Herbs, which sells important pantry staples needed for this recipe, such as organic rolled oats.


No vanilla yogurt? Use plain yogurt with a little honey or maple syrup and vanilla mixed in. (Honey and maple syrup are almost always available on our pages!)

No coconut milk? No problem! just substitute some local milk from Richlands Creamery! Oat milk and almond milk work fine, too.

Keep this recipe handy all year. Any frozen or fresh berries—or other juicy fruits, like sliced peaches—will work beautifully.

For a little extra crunch, chop some nuts and sprinkle on top right before eating. If you’re feeling really decadent, add a few chocolate or carob chips.

Join our non-profit online farmers market by clicking here.


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