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Give the Gift of LOCAL! Fall Line Farms and Local Roots Gift Certificates Now Available!

Give Someone Access to the Freshest and Best, Year-‘Round!

This option will be available all year, so please keep it in mind for other special occasions--weddings, birthdays, Valentine's day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, graduation--you name it! Perfect for cooks, homesteaders, healthy eaters, minimalists, gardeners, foodies, sustainable livers, and those who seek out the best in local food and flavors.

Recipients will have access to the same stellar lineup of 60-plus producers that you enjoy, and they can choose a pickup location that’s most convenient for them.

Did you know that when you purchase a gift for someone else, you'll be giving our local food system a gift, too? Membership fees help us cover our overhead, including staffing, transportation, and other expenses related to delivering you the freshest and best every Thursday. Membership fees support our mission, allowing us to give maximum profits back to the farmers and producers on our list and keep Central Virginia's local food system thriving!

Purchasing a Gift Certificate

Gift certificates are available during our market’s regular hours: from noon on Friday to Midnight on Sunday.

Go to our buying pages ( and type “Fall Line Farms and Local Roots” into the middle search box ("All Producers"). You’ll go right to our gift certificate page, with instructions on how to purchase. Our Marketing Director will then get in touch with you to finalize the details and will email you the gift certificate with instructions on how to activate it. You'll share these with the recipient.

Redeeming a Gift Certificate

Welcome to Central Virginia’s original online non-profit market, in operation since 2008!

To register, go to our buying pages ( and choose “Join” in the green toolbar at the top of the page.

Fill in your personal information, your phone number(s), and your address.

Under “Membership,” choose the pickup location that’s most convenient for you. Then enter the gift code in the “Membership Promotion Code” box. Select the “Annual” option under “Membership Level.”

Continue to the “Registration” section and create a user name and password. Be sure to click the green “Register” button under the registration box!

NOTE: Your membership code has an expiration date of about 60 days from when it was purchased. Please be sure to sign up before it expires!

If you have questions, please contact Katie Hoffman, our Marketing and Promotions Director at Please include the name of the person who gave you’re the gift certificate, the date it expires, and the gift code. This will expedite Katie's response.

Gift Certificate FAQ

I’m not a Fall Line Farms and Local Roots Member. Can I still purchase a gift certificate for someone else?

Absolutely! We’ve set it up so that you can purchase a one-week membership for just $5. Go to our home page ( and join. Then, during our regular market hours, follow the instructions under "Purchasing a Gift Certificate" (above, in this blog). And while you’re at it, give our market a try for the week. We think you’ll love what you see in your Thursday afternoon order!

What if I want to give a gift certificate to someone who’s already a member?

No problem! If you give a gift certificate to someone who already belongs to our market, then we will extend their membership by an additional year past their current expiration date.

I still have questions. Who can answer them?

Our Marketing and Promotions Director, Katie Hoffman, will be happy to help you. Just send an email to


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