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Recipe: Cucumber and Thyme Salad

From Red Root & Co., a FLF&LR Producer

(Published by permission)

Who knew, that along with being healthful tonics, the oxymels from Red Root & Co. could be part of a delicious effort to jazz up the meals you make with fresh veggies? Whether they come in your Thursday market haul or you pick them right out of your backyard garden, fresh cucumbers are one of the most cooling and succulent pleasures of summer eating.

Corey MacDonald, the herbalist and wildcrafter behind Red Root & Co., has given us permission to publish this recipe, which we know you'll love! She'll post her wonderful products on our pages this weekend (beginning 8/28/2020 until midnight on 8/30) for her once-a-month appearance on our list.


2 medium garden fresh cucumbers

1/4 cup sliced Red Onion

Generous handful of fresh chopped Thyme or Lemon Thyme

1 TBS Feta Cheese, or more

1 tsp salt



Thinly slice cucumbers*. Thinly slice onions. Submerge onions in a bowl of cold water. Let them sit for at least ten minutes, stirring once or twice, then drain. Gently mix together sliced cucumbers and onions. Add RR&Co Spring Oxymel. Let rest for 30 minutes, stirring several times. Finely chop thyme and mix into cucumbers and onions. Season with pepper and additional salt, as needed, and stir. Sprinkle feta on salad and serve.

*If time allows, place cucumbers in a large bowl and sprinkle cucumbers with 1 tsp salt. Let cucumbers “sweat” for 1 hour. Drain liquids and continue with recipe.

LEARN MORE! To see the full array of products offered by Red Root & Co. on our pages, go to and use the search function to go to their page. To visit the Red Root & Co. website (where you'll find a number of delicious recipes and lifestyle inspirations), go to


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